APRIL 2016

april 16 01WHAT'S NEW

Following the paper trail Jerry Springer tells Rebecca Schischa how a new archive has revealed his family’s history

Secrets in the attic? Manchester Jewish Museum wants to hear from you for its Object Project


EU: In or out? Is staying in the Euro club good for the UK’s Jews?

april 16 02


Fighting dirty Judi Herman interviews two surviving members of the 43 Group, the vigilante outfit that took on Mosley’s fascists

Einstein a go-go 100 years since he first revealed his Theory of Relativity, Katy Price reports on Einstein's tour of America while Marcus du Sautoy and others tell us why the great man still inspires them today


april 16 03

Brighton rocks It’s 250 years since Israel Samuel first set up home in Brighton, making him the town’s first Jewish resident. We kick off this anniversary year with 14 pages on the history and culture of this seaside gem

Shmocks and shnorrers Ken Worpole explores the dark world of Alexander Baron’s cult classic The Lowlife

Brighton beach memoirs Relive the heady days of the 50s and 60s – and meet Brighton’s Jewish Mod


Listings Our exclusive three month guide to art, books, film, music, theatre and cultural events in the UK and beyond

Try this! Pass the popcorn for a night out with Sussex Jewish Film Club

april 16 04 ART

Through a glass darkly Monica Bohm-Duchen on three US artists whose current shows all grapple with the Holocaust

From Moss Bros to Mods A show at London’s Jewish Museum reveals the influence of Jewish tailoring on fashion


A tale of two camps Jennifer Langer and a group of refugee poets report from Calais’ ‘Jungle’ camp


april 16 05

Sing for your supper Malcolm Miller speaks to composer Julian Dawes about his new Pesach Cantata


Bouncing off the ceiling Judi Herman meets the creators of Kneehigh theatre’s new show about Marc and Bella Chagall


Straddling worlds David Herman reviews two posthumous works from the historian David Cesarani
Man behind the moustache A new book on Groucho Marx paints a mixed picture of the funny man
Tale wag the finger Banter or misogyny? Eli Abt unravels the meanings behind a medieval Haggadah
Waking Lions Gundar-Goshen’s new novel is a revelation, says Shoshi Ish-Horowicz


april 16 06

Take your Filfil The Brighton cafe that is making waves


New series Excerpts from Ruth Corman’s book on the Israel you never hear about