APRIL 2014


Timebanking takes off: a new mode of volunteering in the Jewish community
Oy, Oy, my boy is a goy: Warsaw designers Risk.Made in Warsaw launch Jewish-themed fashion line
Rabbi and Ukranian patriot: The latest news on Ukraine's Jews from Reform's Chief Rabbi Alexander Dukhovny


Women's Voices are Getting Stronger

april-14-01Janet Levin talks to Lady Gilda Levy about the Women's Interfaith Network, and meets the women helping to get young Muslims, Christians and Jews talking together


From Morocco to Rome, from Yemen to an Israeli kibbutz, readers tell us how they will be celebrating the Seder


To War
Bernard Wasserstein assesses the impact of the war on Europe's Jews
Britain's Jews and World War 1
David Cesarani argues that WWI was disastrous for the Jews in more than one way
For King and Country?
Judi Herman visits the Jewish Museum's new exhibition and talks to curator Roz Currie
april-14-02aFrom the Front Line
Excerpts from letters of 2nd Lieutenant Mark Segal and from the diary of nurse Florence Oppenheimer
The War in Russia
Janet Levin describes the suffering of Russian Jews during WWI
The Battle for Jerusalem
Rebecca Taylor on General Allenby's capture of the city and what it meant for the future
General Monash and the ANZACs
Sam Lipski writes about "the greatest Jewish general since Bar Kochba"
The Jewish Brigades
Peter Marsh on a meeting between Jabotinsky and Trumpeldor, and the birth of the Zion Mule Corps
Whe Jews Were on Different Sides
Extracts from Derek Penslar's book Jews and the Military on what it meant for Jews from enemy countries to be fighting each other
Chaplain and Patriot
Jonathan Wittenberg 
on the unwavering love of his rabbi grandfather for Germany
Composer on the Flanders Front
Malcolm Miller on Paul Ben-Haim
Serving in the Ottoman Arymy
Glenda Abramson reads the diary of Jerusalemite Yehuda Amon, who was conscripted into the Ottoman Army
april-14-03A Poet on War
Elaine Feinstein on Isaac Rosenberg, and Stephen Wilson's poem 'War Poet' written in memory of Rosenberg
Artists on the War
Monica Bohm-Duchen looks at why some of the most iconic works of WWI (including Mark Gertler's Merry-Go-Round and april-14-04Jacob Epstein's Rock Drill) were produced by Britain's Jewish artists
The Aftermath
Bernard Wasserstein on the implications of the war for Europe's Jews, and Theresa Turk's poem 'Going to Gallipoli'


Suzanne Perlman
From Budapest via Rotterdam and Curacao to London – Julia Weiner speaks to the Hungarian artist
In Their Artistic Prime
Julia Weiner's look at nonagenarian artists Naomi Blake and Dorothy Bohm, whose life's work is being celebrated in London this spring


Giving It Some Zingt!
Musician Polina Shepherd tells Rebecca Taylor 
why Yiddish music is breaking musical barriers
april-14-06Try This!
In the first of a new series we meet a choir that anyone can join
Making Stalin Laugh
David Schneider tells Judi Herman
why he wrote the play to be premiered at JW3


New Israeli Quest
Eshkol Nevo talks to Agi Erdos about his novel Neuland and the hopes of young Israelis
Israel Seen Differently
Contested Land, Contested Memories by Jo Roberts reviewed by Diane Lukeman, and Ari Shavit's My Promised Land by Colin Shindler
april-14-07Roth Unbound
A new biography of Philip Roth by Claudia Roth Pierpont welcomed by David Herman
The Pinsker Orphans
David Solly Sandler's book about Jewish orphans of WWI reviewed by Sorrel Kerbel
Heroes of Budapest
Peter Falush reviews Bengt Jangfeldt's detailed monograph on the activities of Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest in WWII, and Reign of Terror: The Budapest Memoirs of Valdemar Langlet, 1944-45
And We're All Brothers
Rob Cowan reviews Abigail Wood's analysis of the klezmer revival in North America
Walking Through Grief
Deborah Brooks reviews David Grossman's latest novel, Falling Out of Time
More Than a Book of Poems
Liz Cashdan on the innovative Correspondences by Anne Michaels
For Lovers of the Unexpected
Judith Mirzoeff on Clive Sinclair's Death & Texas
For Young Readers
Two young readers (and a mum) review No Buts 
Becky by José Patterson


A Sweet Passover
Recipes from our contributors for chocolate mousse, carrot cake, matza fritters and lemon melts. Mmmm...



Dos Fertsnte Yor
A soldier's lament from World War I – a Yiddish poem