JULY 2016


In or out? We asked readers how they voted in the EU referendum. Here are the results of our JR survey

july 16 01Teenage kicks Mike Leigh writes of his friendship with the late playwright Arnold Wesker

Safe landing Leora Eren Frucht on the Israelis reaching out to refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos


Bonjour Golders Green! Rebecca Schischa meets the French Jews who are calling London their home

History in the painting As the East End prepares to commemorate 80 years since the Battle of Cable Street, David Rosenberg reveals the remarkable story behind the street’s famous mural


july 16 02Greece: what now? Sephardis, such as the Ottoman merchant on our cover, once dominated Greek urban life. That history was swept away under the Nazis. Can Greek Jews survive economic crisis and far-right threats to blossom in the 21st century? JR’s Rebecca Taylor travels the country to find out

Last of the Romaniotes The ancient community of Ioannina is dwindling but its spirit is strong

Costa del Salonica Historian Mark Mazower, author of City of Ghosts, reveals how Spanish Sephardis transformed 16th century Salonica into a little slice of Iberia

Sounds of the city In the early 20th century, Greek urban music – rebetiko – was the hip hop of its day. Gil Karpas speaks to Athenian musician Savina Yannatou, who is reviving these traditional songs


Listings Our three-month guide to art, books, film, music, theatre and other cultural events in the UK and in Israel this summer

Try this! Fancy yourself as a DJ? Leeds’ Radio Jcom is a good place to start

july 16 03THEATRE

Ping pong wizards Judi Herman grabs a bat as the stage adaptation of Howard Jacobson’s novel The Mighty Walzer arrives at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre


Good as gold As London’s BFI kicks off a season on the award-winning film and TV director Jack Gold, David Herman assesses his prodigious talent.

july 16 04ART

Curiouser and curiouser Monica Bohm-Duchen explores the eccentric and tiny works of the artist Friedrich Nagler which are on display at Pallant House Gallery.


Gorilla in a kippa Judi Herman meets five wags: Ashley Blaker, Penelope Solomon, Adam Kay, Daniel Cainer and Ivor Dembina, to find out why Jewish comedy is having a ‘moment’ right now.


The lost lands of Levo David Conway’s music festival is attracting musicians from all over the world to a small Slovakian town.


Jumpin’ Jack Flash Peter Watts uncovers the world of 1960s gangsters and glamour in Keiron Pim’s new book on David Litvinoff

july 16 05Outsiders Looking In We roundup a clutch of other books on Jewish culture in the 60s: Barbra Streisand: Redefining Beauty, Femininity and Power by Neal Gabler; That Precious Strand of Jewishness that Challenges Authority by Leon Rosselson; and Buckley & Mailer: The Difficult Friendship that Shaped the Sixties by Kevin M Schultz

Holy murder! Vesna Domany Hardy uncovers the violent world of Bible translation in Harry Freedman’s new book, The Murderous History of Bible Translations

july 16 06Chains of Sand Shoshi Ish-Horowicz reviews Jemma Wayne’s provocative new novel that puts contemporary Jewish identity under the spotlight

A Bad Year for Jam-Making Jonathan Wittenberg’s new book, My Dear Ones: One Family and the Final Solution, is a poignant and intimate account of lives at war, finds David Herman


Journeys Through the Twentieth Century, Stories from One Family by Daniel C Tabor
One man’s chronicle of his family’s history, from the 19th century Pale to the 20th century’s new state of Israel
Till we Have Built Jerusalem: Architects of a New City by Adina Hoffman
The story of the three architects who helped build modern Jerusalem: Erich Mendelsohn, Austen St Barbe Harrison and Spyro Houris
Here I Am by Jonathan Safran Foer
The latest novel by Jonathan Safran Foer is published in September and promises a funny, raunchy romp around an American Jewish family living in Washington DC


Thou shalt eat veg The Jewish Vegetarian Society is branching out...


Pomegranates Excerpts from Ruth Corman’s book on the Israel you never hear about


july 16 07Synagogue in a bus garage Newbury Park bus station is the unlikely home for a vibrant Jewish community. Michelle Huberman interviews the Essex ‘boys’ who wouldn’t meet anywhere else

Dancing in Djerba JR’s CEO Janet Levin reports from the frenzy of the annual pilgrimage to Djerba, Tunisia

Hen(na) party Young couples are reviving an ancient tradition of wedding henna parties

The Best Place on Earth Lyn Julius applauds Ayelet Tsabari’s groundbreaking short stories

july 16 08Yeshiva Kid to Fashion King Rebecca Taylor reports on the latest show at New York’s Jewish Museum, which is celebrating the work of fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi