Jewish Renaissance runs tours particularly designed for subscribers, so participants can be sure their travel companions have similar interests. JR readers appear to be remarkably friendly people and nobody gets left out. Our trips to Burma, China (2), Ethiopia, Greece,  India, Krakow, Morocco (3), Lithuania, Portugal, St Petersburg and Uzbekistan were very successful with many friendships made.

Everywhere we make contacts in the Jewish community and such meetings are usually highlights of the trips.

We find most of our travellers do not require kosher catering and in many areas this can be expensive and of variable quality, so no special arrangements are made, but we do ensure that there is good availability of vegetarian and fish meals. We celebrate Shabbat with the local community wherever possible.

We plan tours to meet the needs of those who observe Shabbat, not travelling between cities and choosing accommodation where walks can be taken and which is, where possible, in walking distance of a synagogue.

Members of the JR/Sherpa Tour to Uzbekistan
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