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Make a Legacy

By leaving a legacy to Jewish Renaissance you will help to ensure the existence for future generations of a publication that celebrates all that is positive and engaging in Jewish culture.

How your legacy will be recognised

We know that leaving a legacy is a very important and personal decision. We are indebted to you for any help you give.

We recognise all commitments appropriately, acknowledging your support in Jewish Renaissance. We also understand that some donors may prefer to remain anonymous.

We also hope that we can thank you for your kindness during your lifetime by inviting you to special events to meet our editorial team and celebrity contributors.

What you should do next

Making a Will ensures that your wishes are carried out and helps to remove difficulty or uncertainty for those left behind. We advise that you ask a solicitor to help you draw up or amend your Will.

When you have made provisions for your family and friends, you may wish to specify Jewish Renaissance as a charitable organisation that you would like to help. Leaving a Legacy above a certain threshold can also significantly reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable on your whole estate.

To discuss leaving a legacy with us contact JR Trustee Judy Weleminsky on 020 8876 5087 or 07595 119522 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
All correspondence and discussions will be treated with absolute confidentiality and sensitivity.

Arnold wesker webArnold Wesker
"I keep meeting people who enthuse about JR for both its design and content. And I'm full of admiration every quarter.”



Baroness Deech webBaroness Ruth Deech
Academic, lawyer and bioethicist
“A fascinating magazine, always beautifully produced and a pleasure to read. It has opened my eyes to the condition of Jews in corners of the world that I never knew they inhabited! and to a wealth of cultural events in London and in the regions.”



ralph dobrin webRalph Dobrin
Jerusalem based author and activist
“More than ever before, the subject of Jewish Renaissance is of vital importance. In the last few generations the Jewish people has gone through so many events, developments and changes that many of us don’t really know where we stand or even, who we are any more. This is certainly so in Israel, and I would imagine elsewhere in the Diaspora. It should be a time for regeneration in every aspect of Jewish life. That’s why your magazine is so important.“